Secure the acceptance phase by ensuring quality compliance of deliverables.

A common and shared evaluation tool to build customer-supplier confidence
Dedicated to customers who need to ensure the quality of deliverable, as well as suppliers wishing to speed up the acceptance phase by demonstrating the compliance to final users requirements, SQUORE Acceptance secures the relationship between customer and supplier with a shared and objective software quality management framework.

SQUORE enables us to demonstrate compliance of our software deliverables with customer quality requirements.

Claude Pinaud, Software Manager, Powertrain Division, Continental.


  • Contractualizing non-functional, technical requirements.
  • Increasing confidence between customer and supplier.
  • Securing deployment and operation.
  • Defining common and shared acceptance criteria.
  • Demonstrating compliance of deliverables with quality requirements.
  • Reducing acceptance costs and efforts.


  • • “Out-of-the-box” standardized control points
  • • Predefined software producst quality models: ISO SQuaRE 25010, ISO/IEC 9126, ECSS Quality Handbook, SQALE…
  • • Standardized evaluation process (ISO/IEC 14598, ISO/IEC 15939)
  • • Quantified acceptance criteria
  • • Comprehensive overview of software product compliance
  • • Unrivaled in-depth analysis
  • • Automatic generation of the consolidated list of non compliance data
  • • Easy comparison with other similar projects


SonarQube, Findbugs, CheckStyle,
PMD, JUnit, FXCop, StyleCop, Klocwork,
Understand, C/C++test, Coverity, Polyspace,
Logiscope, JaCoCo….


Ada / C / C++ / C# /
Java / Cobol/ PL/SQL /
Python / ABAP /