Technical Debt

Less maintenance = more innovation.

Spending less time on past and focus on future
Based on Technical Debt as Key Performance Indicator, this SQUORE package
is specially dedicated to optimizing the quality of your software development projects:
monitoring and reducing technical debt is the best way to gain on maintenance costs
and to aim the innovative potential of your teams at the development
of new features.

As soon as it was adopted, Squore enabled us to detect and correct risky constructions which could potentially generate bugs in hard to test cases. »

Mickaël Grail, Project leader, Dotsoft.


  • Improving software reliability via early defect detection.
  • Optimizing software project management and speeding-up decision-making.
  • Broadcasting best practices with a shared quality reference.
  • Reducing the maintenance costs by monitoring the technical debt.
  • Promoting collaboration within project teams.
  • Cutting down the costs of code review.


  • • “Out-of-the-box” standardized control points
  • • Predifined technical debt analysis models
  • • Plugins to import data from 3rd party tools
  • • Comprehensive overview of developement progress
  • • Unrivaled in-depth analysis
  • • Easy comparison with other similar projects
  • • Enhanced team collaboration
  • • Automatic and continuous generation of actions plans


Sonar, Findbugs, CheckStyle,
PMD, JUnit, FXCop, StyleCop, Klocwork,
Understand, C/C++test, Coverity,
Logiscope, JaCoCo…


Ada / C / C++ /
C# / Java /