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Squore Technical Debt

Squoring Technologies delivers an innovative decision-making dashboard to manage the technical debt of software products.

Technical Debt refers to the cost of refactoring software to remove all defects and comply with quality requirements. It has become a widely-used performance indicator in the entire software industry.

Monitoring software technical debt is a key condition to maintaining a high innovation rate for all companies: the higher the debt and the corrective maintenance, the lower the innovation.

Squore Technical Debt provides a fast and high return on investment by efficiently:

improving software reliability via early defect detection
reducing the maintenance costs by monitoring the technical debt
optimizing software project management and speeding-up decision-making
promoting collaboration within project teams
broadcasting best practices with a shared quality reference
cutting down the costs of code review

Innovative features dedicated to managing your technical debt.

Squore implements SQALE: a standardized method for computing the technical debt

“Out-of-the-box” standardized control points, metrics and rules from best industry norms and standards, also customizable to fit in-house practices
Predefined technical debt analysis models based on well-known methods and integrating priority criteria: risk, criticality or business value
Plugins to import data from 3rd party tools already in use: Sonar, CheckStyle, Findbugs, JUnit, StyleCop…

The Squore drill-down combined with powerful filtering helps navigating intuitively
in a large-sized application to spot critical or deteriorated items since previous versions

Synthetic view of development progress through key performance indicators and trend analysis: immediate detection of regressions,deviations from plans
Unrivaled in-depth analysis where the risky components are immediately identified, down to the most elementary function/method

The Key Performance Indicators (Technical Debt, Business Value…)
help tracking the respective progress and status of each project

Easy comparison with other similar projects for an objective and efficient management of your project portfolio
Enhanced team collaboration achieved by centralizing all non-conformities, automating alert notification, and sharing "to-do" lists
Automatic and continuous generation of actions plans to manage and mitigate technical debt


TRY Squore Technical Debt on your own sample code !

Fill in the contact form and upload a zip file containing source code files.

The demo is limited to 50 000 lines of code. Supported languages for the demo are Ada, C, C++, C#, Java, Cobol, PL/SQL, Python.

For a trend analysis, you can upload a second version of your code (optional Zip file), this latest will be considered as the older one.

Upon reception, your code will be analyzed by Squore Technical Debt, then you will receive an e-mail containing a link to browse the results of your code analysis.