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Risk-Based Testing in Automotive

7 Essentials for Dodging a Software Crash

For 30 years, the share of embedded electronics is growing in the automotive industry, to the benefit of passenger safety, functionalities reliability, performance and comfort. A trend that will accelerate in the coming years, to see the wide-scale development of ever more electric, automated and interconnected cars. In this complex environment, defining a Risk-Based Testing strategy makes sense.

With over ten years of experience in software and systems engineering projects quality management, especially among major players of the Automotive industry, Squoring Technologies covers in this document the 7 key elements to build and lead an efficient and rational testing strategy based on risks.

• Software, the new engine of Automotive
• Software constraints specific to this industry
• Risk-Based Testing: A factor of competitiveness
• 7 essentials to define a risk-based testing strategy
• The SQUORE dashboard and indicators for Software Test Management

A french version of this document is also available for download.

Expert opinion: Risk-Based Testing Automotive

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