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Agileranking #6 is available for download

Check & Compare Open Source Project Vitals

The sixth issue of the AgileRanking™ has been published and is available for download at the end of this page. Discover the open source projects who moved up or down in terms of Team Activity, Code Quality and Community Adoption.

Following the feedback given by our readers, 3 new projects have been added to the list of tracked projects:

  • Ansible (Automation platform)
  • libGDX (Game development framework)
  • XBMC (Software Media Player)

Next publication of the ranking will display 3 other projects: in order to provide relevant data for each axis of the analysis model, these projects will be integrated for the next issue (publication to come in March, 2015):

  • Tornado (Environnement Web)
  • Laravel (Environnement PHP)
  • Phalcon (Environnement PHP)

In the meantime, feel free to submit your suggestion of new projects by contacting us by e-mail: agileranking@squoring.com.

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto, the AgileRanking™ aims to reveal the relative health and value of a collaborative and public software development project, by enabling cross-technology comparisons and project indicator changes over time.

The AgileRanking™ is a monthly ranking made on a selection of GitHub-hosted Open Source projects. It is built with 42 indicators that quantify the health of a project, defined with three analysis axis: Team Activity (contributor diversity, commit & fix volume, reactiveness of the support team, etc.), Community Adoption (downloads, forks, followers & mentions, etc.) and Code Quality (best-practice compliance, maintainability, stability, source code technical debt, etc.).

The AgileRanking™ is computed by SQUORE, our dashboard dedicated to the Quality & Performance Monitoring of Softwares and Systems.

Tracked projects in this issue
Ansible (Python)CakePHP (PHP)Django (Python)
Django CMS (Python)Elasticsearch (Java)Jenkins (Java)
Joomla (PHP)JUnit (Java)libGDX (Java)
Liferay Portal (Java)Linux Drivers (C)MongoDB (C++)
PHPUnit (PHP)PyroCMS (PHP)Reddit (Python)
Spring (Java)Symfony (PHP)XBMC (C++)Wildfly (Java)
WordPress (PHP)

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