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Major achievements in our latest release Squore 16 !

Squore 16 was released on April 6th 2016.

This release brings many performance and usability improvements and new functionalities that will make monitoring your goals, meeting your milestones and managing your quality even easier than before!

Discover below some significant enhancements. And for those who would like to get an exhaustive overview, check out our wiki page.

Integrated and customizable tutorials

Tutorials are available in the web interface to guide users and show them how to read results. You can also customize these tutorials for a perfect fit to your needs.

Milestones for your projects

  • It is now possible to setup milestones for your project, with associated objectives and deadlines for requirements, infrastructure, tests… and to track deviation from goals in charts on the dashboard.
  • You have the flexibility to adapt your milestones all along the project life, while keeping the history of changes made.

Modification of rulesets directly from the web interface

You can now modify a ruleset from the web interface for a model or project.

Enhanced User Interface

  • Chart Popup overhaul allows displaying chart and associated comments and descriptions, thumbnails of other charts.
  • Direct links to other applications from Squore.

SQUORE usage statistics at a glance

This new feature is very useful for Administrators, Project leaders, CIOs, who will appreciate to get an overview of SQUORE usage within their project team or business unit, at different levels: user, project, or model.

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