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Discover our latest release Squore 18 embraced by our users

Announced during our Users Day on March 27, our latest Squore18 release represents an important milestone providing increased flexibility and autonomy for our end-users.

Four major developements were widely appreciated by our customers:

  • A new dashboard editor offers authorized users a graphical interface to quickly and simply create and customize dashboards adapted to different roles and objectives.
  • Advanced filtering functionalities allow you to exclude from your analyses and charts some artifacts depending on their type, rating or trend, with dynamically update of your dashboard.
  • Ability to create highlights directly from the GUI from your filters settings and selected information : textual information, metrics, indicators…
  • Enlargement of “Software Analytics” model with the integration of two new types of artifacts and associated indicators: tests and tickets (bug reports, change requests…).

You will find below some highlights of Squore 18. And for a deep insight, read our release notes!

Wysiwyg Dashboard editor

  • Possibility to edit/create graphics from your current project data.
  • Many options available: background color, charts size and drag&drop, associated descriptions.

Advanced Filtering functionalities

  • Filter Box allowing you to exclude from your analyses and charts some artifacts depending on their type, rating or trend.
  • Dynamically update of associated charts
  • A “filter” icon appears on top of each graph where filters are applied.

Creation of instant highlights directly from the GUI

  • Create tables of artifacts directly from your filters settings and select your relevant information: textual information, metrics, indicators…
  • Colorize your table cells according to their ratings for an interpretation at a glance.
  • Export your highlights tables in csv format.

Integration of tests results and change requests

  • Tests now appear in artifacts tree and produce new insights and indicators such as Test Effectiveness”.
  • Similarly, your project tickets are now integrated in the “Software Analytics” model: bug reports and change requests.

Dynamic Control Flow Graph

  • You can now access to your source code with a simple click on the Control Flow Graph chart.

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