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Agile Ranking special anniversary edition

28 projects, 1,5 million Twitter followers and more than 250 millions of lines of code already analyzed!


In this special edition – whitepaper available for download at the end of this page – we reflect on what we learned in almost three years of ranking built with 42 indicators that quantify the health of a project, defined with three analysis axis: Team Activity, Community Adoption and Code Quality. Thanks to our regular and historically recorded ratings, we point out and decode the trends and perspectives in the word of open source projects and we look into the future as well, with the announcement of exciting evolutions of the AgileRanking.

We disclose below some of the findings we obtained thanks to this historical and statistical point of view. And for those of you who are curious about this, we invite you to download at the end of this page our complete 35 pages report which presents all our conclusions, the main trends at project portfolio as well as individual project levels, and the future evolutions of the ranking we scheduled for 2016.

Finding #1: Open Source projects have bettered themselves for the last three years

First main fact after three years of continuous analysis : overall, the projects improve over time across all indicators. This growth, however, is unevenly distributed between the 3 evaluation levels. For example, the dynamism and responsiveness of the teams of contributors improve steadily, reflecting a gain of maturity in the collective management of projects. Conversely, the popularity of projects follows an irregular growth curve , more sensitive to volatility and fashion effects of social networks . Code quality level shows less variations – probably because most projects are at least 20 months of age – and benefits from a satisfactory avearge rating of 4 out of 5 at projects portfolio level.

Finding #2: Major projects families have different areas of excellence

Thus, as open source projects for the web and social networks are the champions of code quality , development tools (code generators , testing environments … ) have the best growth and show the highest score regarding the activity of their contributors teams. As for the tools family (databases , continuous integration , search engines … ), it perfectly reflects the trends observed at overall projects portfolio level.

Finding #3: The life of open source projects is not a bed of roses

Whereas projects almost all follow the same positive trend in terms of popularity, especially from 2014 due to the boom in the open source community and social networks, we note significant disparities regarding the quality of the source code and the activity of the teams of contributors.
Also, the classification of the projects shows large variations from month to month, reflecting the vitality of the world of open source.
Thus, if some projects demonstrate a stable and enviable health over the years, as Django Web Framework or Laravel, the mishaps suffered by others are immediately reflected in the Ranking. For example, a fork, the emergence of a new rival project … can distract the initial contributors and lead to a rapid drop in the ranking. Conversely, some projects that started at a modest rank performed spectacular improvement such as Pyro CMS.

The 28 projects portfolio is distributed into three categories, immediately accessible from the homepage of our dashboard, which provide improved readability and relevant comparison inside homogeneous categories of projects:

Acceleo (Java)CakePHP (PHP)JUnit (Java)Laravel (PHP)libGDX (Java)
Liferay Portal (Java)Linux Drivers (C)OpenStack (Python)Phalcon (C)
PHPUnit (PHP)Spring Framework (Java)Wildfly (Java)
Ansible (Python)Brackets (Javascript)ElasticSearch (Java)Jenkins (Java)
Kodi (C++)MongoDB (C++)scikit-learn (Python)
Django (Python)Django CMS (Python)Joomla (PHP)MediaWiki (PHP)
PyroCMS (PHP)Reddit (Python)Symfony (PHP)Tornado (Python)
XordPress (PHP)

In the meantime, feel free to submit your suggestion of new projects by contacting us by e-mail: agileranking@squoring.com.

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto, the AgileRanking™ aims to reveal the relative health and value of a collaborative and public software development project, by enabling cross-technology comparisons and project indicator changes over time.

The AgileRanking™ is a monthly ranking made on a selection of GitHub-hosted Open Source projects. It is built with 42 indicators that quantify the health of a project, defined with three analysis axis: Team Activity (contributor diversity, commit & fix volume, reactiveness of the support team, etc.), Community Adoption (downloads, forks, followers & mentions, etc.) and Code Quality (best-practice compliance, maintainability, stability, source code technical debt, etc.).

The AgileRanking™ is computed by SQUORE, our dashboard dedicated to the Quality & Performance Monitoring of Softwares and Systems.

AgileRanking #10 - Special edition - January 2016

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