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SQUORE new packages

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On  23 october 2013 took place the official release of three new Squore packages :  SQUORE Technical Debt, SQUORE Acceptance and SQUORE Automotive. Turnkey solutions perfectly meeting the expectations of software industry players.

SQUORE Technical Debt

Because Technical Debt is a simple and efficient Key Performance Indicator, whose control guarantees a quick and high return on investment.

-> Helping to reduce time and efforts spent on maintenance, Squore Technical Debt allows software development teams to allocate maximum resources to innovation.

SQUORE  Acceptance

Because ordering parties must be able to verify the quality of deliverables, and subcontractors need to accelerate acceptance by demonstrating  deliverable compliance with product quality requirements.

-> Defining common and shared acceptance criteria, Squore Acceptance secures relationship and Increases confidence between customer and suppliers.

SQUORE Automotive

Because quality and functional safety represent a major stake for the development of the automotive industry.

-> Squore Automotive implements Automotive SPICE base practices to optimize testing strategy and to demonstrate code compliance with quality requirements of the automotive industry (ISO 26262, HIS, MISRA,…).

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