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French Agency DGA Selects SQUORE with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro for auditing and certifying military software initiatives

Janvier 2016 – the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) – the French government agency that oversees military procurements – has selected AdaCore and SQUORING Technologies to provide a graphical tool, AdaSquore, for military and civil avionics software audits.

Featuring a smart dashboard that monitors the quality metrics of critical components, AdaSquore will facilitate the analysis of existing and new code in Ada and SPARK, and will support the processes defined in the DO-178C standard’s supplements on formal methods (DO-333) and object-oriented technology (DO-332).

DGA’s software suppliers will be able to use AdaSquore to monitor the quality of their Ada and SPARK software across their various projects. The tool will produce high-level indicators that measure the code’s technical debt, safety, maintainability, and portability, and will also provide a prioritized list of action items to help correct highlighted issues.

AdaSquore will integrate data coming from various AdaCore static analysis and testing tools (including CodePeer, SPARK, GNATmetric, GNATcheck, GNATcoverage, and GNATtest) as well as SQUORE Analyzer developed by SQUORING Technologies. Mixed-language projects can take advantage of other SQUORE features to analyze those parts of the application that are not in Ada or SPARK, and future work can integrate those features with requirement management tools, widening the monitoring scope to the Systems Engineering area.

“The AdaSquore project provides an opportunity to extend the SQUORE evaluation and analysis capabilities with new advanced verification results. It is also a stepping stone to provide a transversal monitoring approach, as defined by the Systems Engineering field.“, said Patrick Artola, CEO of Squoring Technologies.

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