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OEM Embedded Analytics

A fully scalable white label analytics solution for software editors.

Embed Squore into your software tool suite and enhance your competitive edge
by giving your users the power of analytics.

Give a new dimension to your software

Take advantage from Squoring’s strong background in the developement, customization and white label integration of analytics and decision-making solutions into various tools and environments.
Your software offering takes a new dimension, easily and in record-time.


Squore OEM also allows you to include data from third party software that you wish to integrate into your analytics processing and reporting. Your software thus becomes the central management tool for your final users, able to centralize all their related business data in order to deliver relevant and actionable KPI.

Whatever your target areas

With its ETL technology and powerful analysis and decision engines, Squore OEM allows you to collect, link, analyse and visualize all types of data produced by your software tools, whatever your target areas and business domains: Software Developement, CRM, HRIS, Supply Chain management …

Save time and money. Stay focused on your core business.

  • Best quality result
    Analytics is not your core business… but it is ours! With a wide number of users and partners convinced by our solutions, we make you benefit from our expertise in data extraction and structuration, analysis and interpretation, visualization and reporting. Your analytics module is not only smart and secure, but also constantly upgraded to provide features on the cutting edge of new technologies.
  • Resource optimization
    Your developpers’ time is better used on your core application, let them stay focused on your software roadmap and develop strategic features for your product, where they can bring highest added value.
  • Faster time to market
    Don’t let the need for an analytics layer delay your time to market. It usually takes less than 8 weeks to our partners to customize and seamlessly integrate our analytics module into their software.
  • Cost efficiency
    Why wasting huge resources to “reinvent the wheel”? Suscribing to our white label existing solutions is much more cheaper and ensures you to be up to date with the latest techniques, methods and trends in data management and visualization.

Don’t lock your solution into mere data visualization.
Build analysis and decision models perfectly suited to your tool, your data
and your end users needs.

Our solution has been designed to be simple to customize and to integrate into your own tools.
Thus, it’s very easy to white label all elements of the platform and to define your own colours and charts on your dashboards and reports.

Squore data structuration and analysis features give you full liberty in your data governance and organization, from biggest to smallest granularity. Combined with our robust technology, designed to manage large amounts of data, Squore OEM will keep in step with the future developments of your tool.

Whatever your target activity, you can select or define your own KPIs, matching with your tool’s objectives. Your users benefit from analytics and decision models aligned with their business needs, such as developing better software, managing the quality of the supply chain, ensuring CSR compliance, etc…

The choice is yours!
You can provide out-of-the-box dashboards and reports or let your users customize their own visualizations.

Based on your know-how, professional standards or clients’ objectives, you can define decision models enabling your users to take full advantage of your data and to optimize their decision-making. Your tool becomes a key management solution.

Squore allows you to define as many users and roles as you need. You can set up different access levels for each kind of user, as well as dedicated dashboards for various roles (top management, project/quality management, team member, etc…).

Your success, our success.

You can rely on our expertise to integrate Squore OEM in your offer in the best conditions: quickly, seamlessly, and to the greatest satisfaction of your teams and your end users.

Our Partners’ Empowerment Program assures you:

  • Average time to market: 8 weeks
  • Specific trainings including skills transfer to your development teams
  • Dedicated senior consultants
  • Premium support and maintenance
  • A win-win and affordable pricing model linked to your commercial success

They trust us.


Whatever your data… highlight them with Squore OEM!


Software Engineering, CRM, HRIS, Production mangament, Sales management, Supply Chain management …


We don’t restrict you in your analytics approach. You can import and analyze as many and various data as you need, coming from your own tools or from third-party tools.


Squore OEM supports all main data importation formats including excel, csv and xml.


Thanks to Squore unique data historisation infrastructure, your users are able to define automated or manual baselines, allowing temporal comparison between current and previous situations.


The quality of the results highly depends on the quality of the source data. That’s why Squore includes advanced mechanisms to check data completeness and to point out anomalies.


You will be able to select or create every type of KPI according to the scope of your tool and your users’ needs, at various levels such as quality of deliverables, projects efficiency or compliance with norms or internal process and policies.