Optimize your project management while complying with industrial norms and standards:
ISO 26262 / ISO 25010 / Automotive SPICE / MISRA / HIS.

Cut down your costs and delays while ensuring the reliability of your critical embedded software projects
Quality and functionnal safety represent major stakes for the development of the automotive industry.
The emergence of standards such as ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE clearly reflects the willingness of all players in the sector to take up this challenge. Already adopted by a number of reference customers in the automotive industry, SQUORE Automotive integrates Automotive SPICE base practices to optimize testing strategy and demonstrate code compliance witn automotive industry quality requirements:
HIS, MISRA, ISO 26262.

SQUORE enables us to demonstrate compliance of our software deliverables with customer quality requirements.

Claude Pinaud, Software Manager, Powertrain Division, Continental.


  • Improving reliability by early defect detection.
  • Increasing confidence between car manufacturer and supplier.
  • Spreading base practices recommended by Automotive SPICE.
  • Reducing maintenance costs by monitoring technical debt.
  • Demonstrating deliverable compliance requirements.
  • Automating verification methods required by ISO 26262 standard.


  • • Integrated effective source code analyzers for Ada/C/C++/C#/Java
  • • Plugins to import data from 3rd party tools
  • • “Out-of-the-box” standardized control points
  • • Check-lists and review forms
  • • Predefined quality evaluation models: ISO SQuaRE 25010, ISO/IEC 9126
  • • Comprehensive overview of development progress
  • • Unrivaled in-depth analysis
  • • Risk-based testing strategy
  • • Enhanced team collaboration


Klocwork, QA-C, R-TRT,
Polyspace, PC lint, Logiscope,
Tessy, Coverity…


Ada / C / C++ / C# /
Java / PL/SQL /