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Systems Engineering

Manage the performance of your systems engineering projects.

Ensure the competitiveness of your systems development projects by centralizing the management of cost, deadline, quality and risks.
In the last few years, Systems Engineering has become a leading discipline for all companies delivering complex critical systems. The SQUORE Systems Engineering package gathers in a unique and centralized dashboard all the elements of the Systems development life cycle, and implements the INCOSE SE Leading Indicators to provide a comprehensive and objective overview of your projects progress and to guide their performance.

SQUORE Systems Engineering provides visibility on:

How a specific project activity is likely to affect system performance objectives.

Source INCOSE – International Council on Systems Engineering – SELI Guide.


  • Ensuring objective and trust-building communication between project stakeholders.
  • Committing teams to project requirements and objectives.
  • Preventing the risk of missing key milestones.
  • Broadcasting best practices and lessons learned.
  • Making informed decisions and taking actions based on accurate and relevant indicators.
  • Reducing review costs and efforts.


  • • Data import from third party for requirement management, configuration and change management, modeling, coding, test management
  • • “Out-of-the-box” standardized control points and KPI based on INCOSE SELI specifications
  • • Predefined analysis models
  • • Synthetic view of development progress
  • • Unrivaled in-depth analysis
  • • Trend analysis and forecast
  • • Easy comparison with other similar projects


DOORS, REqtify, Excel, Scade, UML tools, Simulink, Mantis, Clearquest, JIRA, PTC Integrity, TFS, Eclipse, Klocwork, QA-C, R-TRT,
Logiscope, PC lint, ClearCase, Synergy, Git, Svn…


Ada / C / C++ / C# /
Java / PL/SQL /