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Software Analytics

Actionable Intelligence for software project quality and performance.

The better the information, the better the decisions.
Squore delivers four Key insights to conduct successful projects:

Overall rating

Trend analysis


Projects portfolio comparison

Squore provides smart and automated data processing
that allows you to focus on what matters most: optimizing your project management.

Automated data integration
Historical and comprehensive overview

Relevant and actionable KPI

Visualization and Reporting
Dashboards and reports

Project Management
Optimized action plans

Holistic view on your projects. In real-time.
All along your project lifecycle, SQUORE Software Analytics automatically collects and agregates with its own results the measures from the various tools already in use in your environment, in order to provide an overall and historical insight on your software products ans processes.

Results from SQUORE emdedded source code analyzers Complexity measures, rule checking, clone detection.

Results from third-party tools
Rule checking, test coverage, change requests, configuration management and requirements management tools.

Actionable and relevant indicators. No more, no less.

In order to provide an objective evaluation of your projects progress, SQUORE for Software Analytics integrates pre-defined quality and performance indicators, built on our extensive experience with our major industrial customers.


This indicator evaluates and tracks cloning by detecting duplicated code at source code level, and tokens duplication in the control flow on an algorithmic level.


Coverage conformity measures test coverage compliance with usual industrial thresholds, or with your own project thresholds. Coupled with copmplexity, stability and criticity factors, this indicator is used to produce optimized test plans.


Calculation method depends on the object analyzed. Regarding source code, components intrinsic complexity and distribution are taken into account. Whereas for requirements, complexity is computed from data produced by semantical analysis and rigorous writing rule-checking tools.


Compliance indicator with a set of rules or practices rates the adequacy with standards, be they international (ISO), industrial (HIS, SPICE …) or specific to your company.


Self-descriptiveness indicator measures the ease of understanding of a component. It is based on the detection and measure of associated comments.


Violations density allows to highlight components with the highest non-compliance rate in respect of a standard, by basic unit (number of lines of code for source code, number of sentences for requirements).


Completion rate indicates the achievement of a compliance status. The notion of compliance is adapted according to the type of object: for example, a requirement is considered as compliant when it reaches a state where all its components are sucessfully achieved.


Innovation rate indicator is specific to change requests, and measures the rate of evolution requests versus bug reports. In order to be representative and exploitable, its calculation integrates a temporal dimension.


Maturity index indicates project progress. It provides a quick insight on the current state of the project, and its temporal follow-up brings precious information, including early warnings generation.

Interactive dashboards and automated report generation

From the executive manager to the developer, from the customer to the supplier, each user benefits from dedicated actionable quality indicators.

Role-based dashboard for a personalized broadcasting of indicators

Intuitive navigation: graphical results with intuitive charts,unique double data drill-down through product artifacts or quality attributes, powerful filtering to spot critical or deteriorated items in large-sized applications

Report generation in pdf or powerpoint formats from customizable templates, enabling to communicate only selected or requested data to partners, customers, 3rd Parties or Certification bodies

Secure Web interface to ease deployment and information broadcasting to all stakeholders

A mobile application for permanent access to key information

Beyond simple visualization, SQUORE generates action plans to help you
make optimized and informed decisions.

  • Automated generation of action plans
  • Adaptable pre-defined criteria
  • Export features towards your change management system and the developers backlog

Get a fast and high ROI with SQUORE

SQUORE brings greater productivity to our development teams.

Bruno Bec, Test & Validation Senior Manager,
Strategy & Innovation Division, Schneider Electric.

Product quality

Standards compliance

Quality of deliverables

Final user satisfaction and Supply chain confidence

Project performance

Justified and effective decision-making

Reduction of review and maintenance costs

On time delivery: anticipation of drifts and prioritized action plans

Process maturity

Process adherence

Continuous improvement

Promotion of best practices