Set no limit on your KPI definition.

The tool should suit the user, not the other way round.
The better the indicators, the better the decisions: our solutions are customizable to perfectly fit your already in place in-house practices, methods and tools. Indeed, assessing the level of performance of software processes and products shall definitively take into account expected objectives, applicable regulations and standards, risks to be minimized, current practices, level of maturity… and of course, your available data.

Are you already using proven processes and key performance indicators?
Our solutions will seamlessly interface with your standards and processes, thanks to our dashboard ability to integrate every kind of data and KPI already in use in your organization

Are you considering the data and KPI to be implemented in your organization ?
We will help you to define and implement metrics and indicators perfectly adapted to your context

Easy to use, offering a dynamic and complete quality measurement process, the SQUORE platform was quickly adopted by teams of various sizes, cultures and maturity levels, developing a huge range of products, from big incorporated software in integrated energy management solutions to embedded software in Schneider Electric’s products or equipments.

Bruno Bec, Test & Validation Senior Manager, Strategy & Innovation Division, Schneider Electric.

SQUORE : an open, “data agnostic” platform

In order to provide the dashboard best suited to your needs, SQUORE has been designed as a fully open, “data agnostic” analysis and decision platform. Thanks to its ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) capabilities, SQUORE can integrate easily and at lower cost any type of data and performance indicators aligned with your organization and business objectives.

This openness and scalability are proved to be a key factor of success to absorb cultural changes introduced by the implementation of a Measurement and Analysis process.

Thus, at any stage of the project lifecycle, the data from the Squore analyzers and already in-use engineering tools is aggregated to provide a comprehensive overview of your software and systems products and processes.

“SQUORE” proprietary fast and easy-to-run source code analyzers, already available for Ada, C, C++, C#, Java, Cobol, PL/SQL, ABAP, PHP and Python projects, including complexity measurement, rule checking and clone detection:
Demonstrate compliance with corporate or international standards: e.g. HIS, GSWS, NASA

Ability to add 3rd Party tools data: rule checkers, dynamic analyzers, bug trackers, modelers, configuration management and requirement management tools…

SQUORE “custom”: how does it work ?

The adaptation of the components of your evaluation process will be based on:

  • • the data providers, i.e the SQUORE ETL mechanisms able to gather and integrate data from your project life cycle tools already in place,
  • • the measures to be collected,
  • • the applicable thresholds,
  • • the association between indicators and product characteristics,
    the priority management functions: remediation cost, expected benefits, considered risks, …
  • • the decision criteria,
  • • the information to be reported to the stakeholders, in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in the project

SQUORE “custom” use cases:

  • • Risk Based Testing strategy in Automotive
  • • System engineering project monitoring
  • • IT Directors and CIO: Governance and application portfolio management dashboards

A fast and high return on investment by optimizing project monitoring based on enterprise-wide Measurement and Analysis process

  • The ability to decide and act through Performance Indicators
    – a comprehensive and objective overview at any stage of your project
    – a optimized project management based on your performance indicators monitoring
    – priority management
  • Accelerated decision-making fo more efficient project management
    – better risk prevention via predictive trend analysis
    – optimized time/cost/quality ratio thanks to automated action plans generated by SQUORE
    – timely and informed decision-making
  • Increase of developments reliability and maintenance costs cut down
    – objective and real-time monitoring of work products compliance with quality criteria and standards constraints
    – shortening of “closed-loop” development process by early defect and regression detection
    – reduction of late and costly revisions
    – control of technical debt
  • Final user satisfaction
    – Contractualization of technical requirements
    – objective and established acceptance criteria, shared within project teams
    – reduction of acceptance costs and time
    – the guarantee of final product compliance with quality criteria
  • Enhanced collaboration between all stakeholders
    – collaboration made easier through shared and objective overview of products and processes
    – acceleration of decision-making process by focusing on most significant indicators
    – consensual adoption of optimal remediation plans
  • Continuous process improvment
    – being driven by indicators and lessons learned from past projects, software life cycle processes gain capability, maturity and performance
    – broadcasting best practices with a shared quality reference and a common role-based dashboard

Comprehensive overview of projects

SQUORE is « data agnostic ». That means the ability to integrate any type of data via its ETL process (Extract/Transform/Load).

An impartial and scalable evaluation

SQUORE provides turnkey metrics and indicators, still adaptable to each specific context.

  • “Out-of-the-box” standardized control points,metrics and indicators using best industry standards or normative constraints(e.g. ISO 9126, SQALE)
  • The ability to customize or integrate indicators aligned with with your in-house practices and business objectives

A collaborative dashboard

From the executive manager to the developer, from the customer to the supplier, each user benefits from dedicated actionable quality indicators.

  • Role-based dashboard for a personalized broadcasting of indicators
  • Intuitive navigation: graphical results with intuitive charts,unique double data drill-down through product artifacts or quality attributes, powerful filtering to
    spot critical or deteriorated items in large-sized applications
  • Report generation in standardized formats from customizable templates, enabling to communicate only selected or requested data to partners, customers, 3rd Parties or Certification bodies
  • Adaptable, intuitive, secure Web interface to ease deployment and information broadcasting to all stakeholders
  • A mobile application for permanent access to key information

Fast and secure decision-making

Action plans are generated and prioritized from Squore decision models, based on predefined or configurable criteria, to optimize the “Time-Cost-Quality” trade-off.

  • Decision-making based on real-time accurate and relevant information via continuous integration
  • Automated generation of action plans based on powerful and customizable decision models: selection of the most critical defect reports to build the optimal “Todo-list” and export them to Change Management system or to the developer backlog
  • Standard or user-defined check-lists:
    Integration of Peer Review results in product overall evaluation
  • Trend analysis including Control-Charts for Statistical Process Control:
    Detect process deviations and product regression from previous versions immediately
  • Descriptive statistics and data modeling
    Capitalize data from past projects to correlate product attributes (e.g. Complexity) with external quality characteristics (e.g. Reliability)