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Latest release Squore 17 delivers outstanding innovations and great user experience in Software Analytics

We are proud to announce today our latest release SQUORE 17! This new version marks a significant step in all areas:

  • A new analysis and descision model named “Software Analytics”, built up from our 7+ years of experience in the delivery of software development KPI. Resulting from the convergence between our former models “Technical debt”, “Automotive” and “Systems Engineering”, this plug and play model stands out for its clarity, completeness and scalability.
  • A deeply renovated User Interface, based on one of the best-in-class graphical libraries.
  • Import facilities andstrenghthened traceability between your data.
  • A complete technological upgrade of the Squore framework for significant reliability and security gains.

You will find below some highlights of Squore 17. And for a deep insight, read the release notes.

Software Analytics: a new plug&play, scalable and adjustable reference model for your projects

  • This default analysis model (Software Analytics) allows you to rate components and adjust your expectations of criticality, complexity and test coverage.
  • It also supports milestones, thus enabling you to follow and manage your project according to your delay and performance objectives.

A graphical UI overhaul for easier navigation and readability

  • The web interface perfectly fits to any type of screen, whatever the resolution.
  • All charts in the Dashboard are now dynamic and can be zoomed in.
  • The Findings tab includes automatic distribution charts based on your rule categories.
  • The Measures tab has been improved to display the source Data Provider and status of each metric.

New import facilities and strenghthened traceability between your data

  • Ruleset Templates can be imported from XML files.
  • Data Provider developers can now import data into Squore using a unified XML input format.
  • Thanks to the new feature allowing to aggregate metrics from linked artefacts, you can now measure impacts between artefacts, making your analyses even more relevant.

A complete technological upgrade of the Squore framework

  • Squore can now be run using Java 8 and WildFly 10, for better reliability and security.

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