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Conducting an Internal or Third party audit

Risk assessment

Code reliability and maintenability

Impact analysis

Outsourcing security

Evaluating the Quality of software products is now clearly tied to Business Objectives:

risk assessment
maintenance cost reduction
impact analysis
reuse / downsizing
outsourcing / sub-contracting
customer and regulation acceptance

Based on the strong operational background and deep knowledge in software related standards of its consultants, Squoring Technologies provides standardized “Third Party” evaluation packages such as:

source code maintainability & reliability risk assessment, based on a set of predefined evaluation modules applicable to many programming languages:Ada, C, C++, C#, Cobol, Java…
safety-related systems source code verification: checking the compliance to international standards requirements such as ISO 61508, EN 50128, HIS, Galileo Software Standard…
MISRA C source code compliance
ISO 12119 test documentation compliance
DO178B structural testing analysis

Squoring Professional Services can also designed tailored audits by selecting appropriate evaluation modules fitting your specific context:

the product characteristics to be evaluated : Reliability, Efficiency Usability, Maintainability, Portability, … according to the ISO/IEC 9126-1 international standard
the software information and work products available: requirements, design models, source code, user documentation, test plan, executables,…
time and budget constraints

Squoring Technologies software product evaluation services comply with the requirements stated in the International Standard ISO/IEC 14598 “Information technology – Software product evaluation.. Part 5: “Process for evaluators” specifies how to conduct evaluation as a third party. Part 6 “Information technology – Software product evaluation – Documentation of evaluation modules” describes how to formalize evaluation technology in order to enforce objective and repeatable evaluations.

The evaluation process as specified in ISO/IEC 14598-5

Third Party Audits performed by Squoring Technologies offer numerous benefits:

Ensure a repeatable, reproducible, impartial and objective evaluation
Get an effective and International standard-based solution
Facilitate fast and efficient project ending
Improve “customer/supplier” relationship
Optimize time and budget
Focus on product … but provide feed-back on process performance
Strengthen your team by working in partnership with Squoring Technologies consultants.

The deliverables associated to a Third-Party Audit consist in:

The Audit Report
An expert diagnosis with all key findings and indicators,
A ranking regarding other similar assessments.
The Quality Records
All base and derived measure values
All Key finding (e.g. rule violations) locations
a formal presentation of the results done by one of our senior consultants to all the stakeholders: acquirers, suppliers, management, development / maintenance team, QA, …