Squoring Technologies is now part of the Vector Group

About Us

Founded in 2010 by a group of software engineering experts, Squoring Technologies specializes in the evaluation and monitoring of software and systems development projects.

The SQUORE decision-making dashboard for improving  quality and performance of IT projects is dedicated to all industries where software plays a key role in terms of cost or safety :  aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, railway, defense, energy, telecommunications, information systems.

What drives us ?

 Providing the best Business Intelligence tool for software and systems projects monitoring

We create value by offering our customers a new generation dashboard that aggregates  and analyses information, gives instant readability and allows reporting and successful collaboration between teams.
Working in close collaboration with our customers, our aim is to provide the perfect tool for industries and services developping software with high level of safety requirements such as Automotive, Avionics, Space, Defense, Medical, Process Automation and Information Systems.

Creating value for our customers

Squoring Technologies mission is to improve capability, maturity and performance of its customers when acquiring, developing and maintaining software products.

Thus, we provide consultancy, services and training to help you deploying SQUORE into your operational environment with the highest level of satisfaction possible. Our customer relationship model is based on strong values shared by all our people :

  • Engagement with your teams, availability and loyalty
  • Adaptability to your specific needs, thanks to our strong expertise in the definition of key indicators perfectly suited for your production and business context
  • Sharing our vision and constant innovation in the field of software and systems products and processes improvement

International development

Our implantation policy is to take place in leading regions gathering main industries, research laboratories and competitivity poles in embedded technologies.

Created in Toulouse, France, where we are member of the competitivity pole Aerospace Valley, we also have locations in Paris and Grenoble.

We have currently major customers using SQuORE in many European countries, in India and in the United States .
We are located in Germany through our subsidiary SQuORING GmbH (Bavaria) , and also have a distribution agreement with Emenda group for Europe , Switzerland and China.