Squoring Technologies is now part of the Vector Group

Meeting the needs and priorities of each software & systems lifecycle stakeholder

Software Development Managers

We offer a range of solutions adapted to the maturity of your development processes

Are you looking for a turnkey solution, with prebuilt analysis and decision models fitting your context ?

We provide fully operationnal SQUORE packages with various applications such as optimizing the quality of your software developments, managing your projects with strong normative constraints, or rationalizing acceptance processes for your outsourced projects

Are you already using proven processes and key performance indicators?

Our solutions will seamlessly interface with your standards and processes, thanks to our dashboard ability to integrate every kind of data and KPI already in use in your organization

Are you considering the data and KPI to be implemented in your organization?

We will help you to define and implement metrics and indicators perfectly adapted to your context

A comprehensive and accurate overview of the quality and performance of your project portfolio, early high-risk projects detection, prevention of deviations from plans

All your project data gathered in a unique repository

A secure and unlimited access to your dashboard, anywhere (smartphone, laptop…)

Project Managers

Squoring Technologies proposes a range of dedicated solutions to optimize the monitoring of every type of software and systems developement projects

Adapted to your software development methods:

Agile or waterfall projects

With wide coverage:

Software projects, software and systems projects

Meeting your needs:

Code quality monitoring, Process monitoring, Project monitoring « on time, on cost, on quality, on resources »

Accurate and real-time monitoring of your project health : quality trend, process compliance

Anticipation of trends and deviations from initial objectives

Decision-making support for an optimized project monitoring thanks to prioritized action plans.

Quality Managers

With our solutions, quality becomes a central focus at any stage of the project lifecycle

Unification of developement methods and associated tools (configuration management tools, requirements management tools, testing tools,…)

Data aggregation and analysis results through a single quality model

Compliance of software developement processes with existing Quality management system

Tooling support for software development process improvement plan

Quality teams management through a collaborative and multi-role dashboard

Continuous improvement with real-time sharing of quality indicators between all stakeholders

Quality Indicators reporting features to general management or within an audit

A definitive and real-time product evaluation to manage software developments quality

A commmon and shared quality reference for enhanced team collaboration

Identification and broadcast of best practices by capitalizing and analyzing past project data


Be the first to know, and tighten the “closed-loop” development process!

Real-time overview of the quality of your code via continuous integration(Eclipse, …)

Quickly locate regressions

Early detect defect and risky constructions

Follow automatically generated action plans for an effective reduction of Technical Debt

Use collaborative module to share remediation strategies with your team

Be confident
You verify daily the quality of the code produced within your developement environment, you collaborate and share best practices within your team.

Be creative
Avoid late rework and keep on maintaining the software project technical debt at an acceptable level : the lower the debt, the higher the potential for delivering innovative features

Be efficient
Defect correction becomes simpler and more efficient: SQUORE dashboard provides easy access in 3 clicks from the global rating down to the line of code to be fixed.


Our solutions allow you to integrate each testing phase in the project monitoring and to focus the test strategy on critical, complex, unstable but under covered pieces of code

Testing strategy monitoring via a comprehensive overview of developement progress through key performance indicators and trend analysis:

Immediate detection of regressions, test failures, deviation from plans

Customizable and scalable analysis and decision models according to your testing strategy evolution, up to optimized action plans generation

Risk-based testing strategy from decision criteria adapted to each phase : Unit Test, Integration, Regression and taking into consideration the different kinds of risks:

Functional criticality of the tested features, specific environment and constraints of the project, code complexity and stability, risks associated to development teams experience and technical skills

Unrivaled in-depth analysis where at-risk components are immediately identified, down to the most elementary function or method.

SQUORE recommends testing techniques to be applied according to the level of risk computed from collected measures

More competitive testing processes, without compromising final system quality via the implementation of a risk-based testing strategy

More reliability by focusing the test strategy on critical, complex, unstable but under covered pieces of code

Minimizing acceptance time and cost

Growing customer/supplier confidence: the achievement of a level of quality based on shared and quantified acceptance criteria

Continuously improving validation process via performance and trend indicators


A simple and all-in-one solution to evaluate software compliance at every stage of the application lifecycle

Objective and comprehensive overview of projects at any stage of the software lifecycle : developement, maintenance, transmission, benchmarking

Multi dimensional analysis of the application, from general project level down to requirements details, source code, etc…

The ability to choose either turnkey solutions including pre-built quality models by industrial domain or by standard (ISO 9126, SQALE, …), or analysis and decisions models adapted to your customers specific requirements

Integrated native source code analyzers available for a wide range of languages, combinable with data from third party tools via our plugins (other source code analyzers, programming rules verification tools, dynamic analyzers, technical facts management tools, configuration management tools, requirements management tools…)

Simpler and more complete audits, for a reliable and full assessment of project quality against standards or requirements to be met

Permanent access to your data via a secure web-based interface: display and share your results via your laptop, your tablet or via our smartphone application

A tool-based audit report, providing navigation through results via an interactive dashboard, with the ability to export reports in various formats
(pdf, word, powerpoint)

Ordering Parties

A shared assessment and reporting solution for a supplier-customer smooth relationship

Objective and comprehensive overview of application quality, based on your own acceptance criteria:

Compliance with requirements, standards, development process, work products quality

Monitoring of different versions of the project over time:

Improvement, stability or regression

A supplier/customer relationship based on trust and exchange thanks to shared analysis method and acceptance criteria, and an objective assessment of work products quality

An accelerated and secured acceptance phase thanks to early defect correction made all along the project lifecycle

The guarantee of a final product compliance with your quality criteria: more reliability, decrease of maintenance costs

The broadcasting of your best practices and their adoption by your suppliers


Find here how to accelerate and secure your acceptance phase thanks to a supplier/customer relationship based on trust and objectivity

Software and systems project monitoring dashboards, based on the quality models defined and used by your customers: you can continously check if your development progress meets your customers requirements:

Immediate detection of regressions, failed tests, deviations from plans through key performance indicators and trend analysis

Automatic generation of prioritized action plans to help you optimize the cost/delay/quality ratio while complying with final user requirements

Easy sharing of information with final users via an interactive dashboard, allowing intuitive navigation through results and export of results in various formats

Securisation of the acceptance phase via a single, shared and objective assessment tool

Evaluation and demonstration of the compliance of your deliverable with product quality requirements

Increasing of confidence between customer and supplier by a factual overview of the quality of software and systems components

Establishment of your reputation as a supplier by using an evaluation and monitoring tool based on your customers quality requirements

The guarantee of an accelerated acceptance phase by anticipating and improving developments via early defects and risk detection

Continuous improvement of your validation process thanks to performance and trend indicators