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Managing Agile projects

Accelerated Time to market: gain effectivenes and reliability in your Agile projects monitoring, with decision-making capabilities, quality based on a comprehensive set of project management indicators: fonctionnalities, cost, deadlines, quality

Easier and cheaper maintenance: continuous testing, early risk detection, integration of code quality requirements in SQUORE analysis and decision models

Improved communication between stakeholders, from development teams to final users, via a shared and objective management tool, and interactive reporting


Over the last ten years, Agile methods have proved their benefits on software projects productivity and all players satisfaction, from development teams to final users.
With the result of a rapid penetration, including large scale projects distributed accross multiple development sites.
At Squoring Technologies, being an early adopter of the Agile approach allowed our R&D team to :
• accelerate projects while allowing greater flexibility and openness to change
• integrate more quickly new features tailored to our customers expectations
• strengthen team awareness and innovative potential

Benefits : cheaper projects, increased team motivation and involvement, better adaptation to our customers needs.
And of course, we are using our SQUORE dashboard to manage our own developments. So don’t look further for your Agile projects managements, we will make you benefit from our expertise as Agile users and as Agile KPI integrators.

Managing Agile projects

Agile methods are primarily recognized for easing balance between cost, time schedule and functionalities, and for the implementation of best practices such as short iterations, daily meeting, collaborative project planning or continuous integration . However, the necessary commitments on code quality are not forgotten.

Attention to quality is thus reflected by practices such as pair programming, Test Driven Developement, refactoring, code review and also by the current debate between Agile players about the definition of Agile KPI to evaluate both process and product quality.

Applying Agile principles, ensuring time schedules while delivering a reliable, maintenable and portable product: these combined challenges require adapted monitoring tools, based on specific performance indicators.


SQUORE, an actionable dashboard to combine Agility and Quality

The SQUORE model dedicated to optimize Agile projects monitoring has already been implemented in various organizations. The solution provides specific Agile KPI such as Business Value, Technical Debt, information from backlog, etc…:
• Evaluation and monitoring of agile process compliance and performance: burndown chart, change management, backlog management
• Continuous integration for real-time monitoring of the successive iterations and their impact on quality and velocity
• Measure and monitoring of developments quality: evaluation and control of the technical debt of the project, based on the SQALE method.
The SQALE method is a method to support the evaluation of a software application source code, allowing the precise management of Technical Debt for Agile software development projects. SQUORE implements the method to manage and reduce this Technical Debt which incurs interest payments, in the form of extra effort and time dedicated to corrective or evolutive maintenance.

• Decision-making support with consideration of the Business Value to prioritize and arbitrate choices at project level as well as inside project portfolio
• A role-based dashboard adapted to each stakeholder:product owner, scrum master, developer
• Collaboration features (comments, alerts, notes, etc…) to ease the implementation of Agile practices: motivation, team awareness, communication and collaboration between all players