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Securing the acceptance phase

Shared and objective acceptance criteria

Increased confidence between Customer and Supplier

Secured deployment and operation

Reduction of acceptance costs and efforts

Maintenance costs reduction

A key phase of outsourced software development projects

More and more project rely on externalisation, a trend that is expected to increase in the upcoming years. Indeed, outsourcing is a way to optimize resources (skill and availability) and to reduce the cost of software development. Moreover, it allows to parallelize some of the tasks and thus to accelerate projects delivery.

However, an international research study undertaken by Vanson Bourne in 2013 concluded that 31% of outsourced projects did not meet deadlines and had poor service quality, and 23% did not provide delivery compliance with requirements.
In this context, the Acceptance phase which represents the final step of the development cycle is a key challenge of every outsourcig strategy.

Some risks to be managed

Being a key phase of software developement lifecycle, Acceptance is also the most tricky and risky. Its unsuccess can have desastrous consequences on the operation of the application and result in significative financial loss during maintenance phase, and even lead to the abandonment of the project.

Thus, Acceptance phase may be difficult if poorly prepared: What are the requirements to validate? When must delivery be completed? What are the acceptance criteria?, etc…
Most failures are often due to a neglected planning and a lack of communication whith professionnal trust being put into question.

From the customer side, integrating several work packages can be complex (asynchronous delivery, heterogeneous level of quality…) and delivery acceptance wrongly focuses on functional coverage despite of product quality, which can badly affect the evolutive maintenance.
On the supplier side, constant adjunction of new requirements have a negative impact on project schedules. Moreover, low trust between stakeholders do not help data sharing.

The success of acceptance phase thus requires contractualizing nonfunctional, technical requirements, and defining common and shared acceptance criteria.

SQUORE provides the solution to secure and accelerate your acceptance phase

Aligned with your own criteria, SQUORE Acceptance solution secures customer-supplier relationship via a common and objective software quality reference framework

It provides the perfect solution for:
• customers who need to ensure the quality of deliverable,
• suppliers wishing to speed up the acceptance phase by demonstrating the compliance to final users requirements.

Key points:
• Revealing the dark side of the delivery by improving visibility on code quality.
• Reviewing project progress by managing project requirements (stability, coverage…).
• Maximizing the trust in delivery by integrating test results and anomalies tracking.
• Easing communication between project stakeholders by providing objectives indicators.
• Professionalizing collaboration and valuing work of subcontractor.

Companies already using SQUORE Acceptance have thus been able to prevent deadlines and costs slippages and to increase their visibility on product quality. And last but not least, they noted a significative improvement of relationship between supplier and customer.