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Source code symbolic representation in SQUORE

Squore‘s embedded source code analyzer supports multiple languages (C, C++, C#, Ada, Java, Python, Cobol, Fortran …).
It deduces the internal algorithmic from the actual source code, down to the functions.

This internal form can be displayed as a Control Flow Graph, which allows easy visualization of the algorithmic pattern.

source code symbolic 1


source code symbolic 2


source code symbolic 3
Each node of the graph corresponds to a specific kind of token

source code symbolic 4



This internal representation is used in several ways:

  • To extract structural metrics, giving insight on complexity, depth, or even algorithmic cloning
  • To visually assess the source code
  • To reach code associated to a specific nod

For example, clicking on the “For” node on this graph …

source code symbolic 5


… focuses on the associated “For” loop in the source code

source code symbolic 6

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