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Joint Webinar – May 31, 2016 : Manage Ada Software quality thanks to the integration of Squoring and AdaCore tools

Join us to this webinar organized with our partner AdaCore, and discover how the integration of SQUORE and AdaCore tools suite represents the best-in-class solution for the management of your Ada projects quality

The Ada language is often used in large applications that require decades of development and maintenance by generations of developers.
In order to manage this complexity and maintain code quality, various solutions are available as part of the AdaCore toolset. These include static analysis, testing, or structural code coverage technologies.
The Squoring environment collates the results of these tools providing a comprehensive data overview. The information is presented in the form of high level key performance indicators.
The SQUORE platform manages the evolution of these indicators over time, creating a list of corrective actions to ensure that code quality is maintained.
This webinar will present how customers are using these two technologies to ensure the long-term success of their projects.


    Flavien Huynh, Squoring Technologies. Flavien has been developing and contributing to technical projects for almost 20 years, from Expert Systems and computer-aided configuration systems, to semantic aggregation and Business Intelligence. This wide variety of operational contexts has led him to acquire a knowledge which is key to his current position at Squoring Technologies, where he first introduced the concept and architecture of the SQUORE platform. Today, he is dedicated to promoting the usage of SQUORE, and extending its scope to fields addressed by mature industries such as aerospace, automotive or embedded systems.

    Quentin Ochem, AdaCore. Quentin has a software engineering background, with a special focus on development and verification tools for safety- and mission-critical systems. He has over 10 years of experience in the Ada programming language. He has conducted customer training on topics including the Ada language, AdaCore tools, and the DO-178B and DO-178C software certification standards. He is currently leading the technical account management and business development activities at AdaCore, in connection with projects from the avionics, railroad, space, and defense industries, both in Europe and North America.

Watch the recording of the webinar



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