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Webinar 7 July 2016: Automotive Embedded Software, how to build trust in relationship between car manufacturers and equipment suppliers

Attend a demo of SQUORE Automotive, the management and reporting platform for embedded software safety and reliability, and discover the new features in the latest releaseSQUORE 16

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The automotive industry is currently facing one main challenge: ensuring embedded software functional safety and reliability – a priority for passengers security, while keeping a high level of innovation and an accelerated market delivery pace.

A major stake : reconciling high delivery quality level and ever faster time to market imperatives

Regarding quality and safety, the move towards software-driven vehicles increases complexity and security issues. Within this context, the automotive industry has gained in maturity and put in place several standards (MISRA, HIS Metrics, SPICE, ISO 26262).
But on this highly competitive market, manufacturers must be able to quickly integrate the recent technology evolutions in their systems, which is often difficult to combine with the time-consuming implementation of verification and reporting tools.
As a result, only a few projects can demonstrate their compliance with Automotive software quality standards and the trust between car manufacturers and equipement suppliers is affected.

As an improving and reporting tool for software compliance with automotive quality standards, SQUORE Automobile ensures trust relationship between customer and supplier

SQUORE Automobile is a turnkey and easy to use solution, providing data collection and smart aggregation for governance via actionable KPI, and reporting facilities via an intuitive dashboard and report generation.

    During this webinar, our senior consultant Cyril BENKIMOUN will demonstrate the benefits gained by the major automotive industrials who already implemented our solution:

  • Demonstration of software work products quality and standard compliance (HIS, MISRA, …)
  • Business process performance and support as recommended by Automotive Spice
  • Integration of standard ISO 26262
  • Reliability of software developements and maintenance costs reduction
  • Optimization of testing strategy

Projects are efficiently driven and quality report can be shared between manufacturers and equipment suppliers, for the benefit of the complete supply chain: quality is under control and confidence between all stakeholders is improved.

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