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The 1st AgileRanking has been published

The first AgileRanking™ has been published and is available for download. AgileRanking™ is a monthly ranking made on a selection of GitHub-hosted Open Source projects. It is built with 42 indicators that quantify the health of a project, defined with three analysis axis: Team Activity (contributor diversity, commit & fix volume, reactiveness of the support team, etc.), Community Adoption (downloads, forks, followers & mentions, etc.) and Code Quality (best-practice compliance, maintainability, stability, source code technical debt, etc.).

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto, the AgileRanking™ aims to reveal the relative health and value of a collaborative and public software development project, by enabling cross-technology comparisons and project indicator changes over time. The AgileRanking™ is computed by Squore, the Squoring dashboard dedicated to the Quality & Performance Monitoring of Softwares and Systems.


The full-detailed ranking results (February 2014) are available for download at: http://blog.squoring.com/agileranking-february-2014/

Tracked projects in this issue
CodeIgniter (PHP)Django CMS (Python)Elasticsearch (Java)Jenkins (Java)Joomla (PHP)
JUnit (Java)MongoDB (C++)PyroCMS (PHP)Spring (Java)

Symfony (PHP)

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